The new CSS-3 StepIII sold and sevice by Eurostar is the natural evolution of CIFA Spritz System and represent the synthesis of modular and innovative technologies. CSS-3 efficiently solves any sprayed concrete pumping demand, for underground jobs and for "open air" jobsites. Reliability and durability are key features of this machine which ensure high quality performance and an easy and intuitive maintenance. The CIFA Spritz System CSS-3 is the best investment to improve your business productivity.

THE BOOM Versatility with Extreme Safety

Thanks to its innovative three section "Z" folding concept, the CSS3 boom gives the flexibility to operate in a versatile and safe way in any kind of tunnel. The boom turret has a double fifth wheel for horizontal and vertical indipendent boom rotation and can shift along the truck longitudinal axis to extend the working surface and to reduce truck movements. Moreover, third element of the boom is telescopic. The end effector articulation allows the nozzle to cover a 180 degree angle in any direction. Nozzle movement could be set to follow operators' control sensitivity. Boom actuators are driven by a proportional hydraulic distributor through radio remote control.

THE TRUCK Unequalled Performance

The truck sold and sevice by Eurostar is 100% CIFA design, CSS3 truck is an off-road vehicle with hydrostatic transmission, four wheel drive and three steering mode (see box on left), two speed hydraulic stepless torque-driven gear, 27km/h maximum speed, drive by wire accelerator and hydraulic parking brake. Eurostar has always been sensible to enviroment and safety on site. For this reason CSS3 can be fitted with antiparticulate filter (FAP) or water-based silencer, as an alternative to catalytic silencer. To offer an improved level of safety, and to comply with some local norms and codes, is also possible to fit CSS3 with ATEX configutaion and with fire-estinguisher system integrated in the truck.

Standard equipment

  • Diesel engine by Deutz D914L05 tier3/Step IIIA, power 72 kW
  • Uniflux H1.0 dosing system, with peristaltic pump with hydraulic drive and electronic management, configurable in two capacities to meet the requirements of different flow rates. Suitable for all types of liquid additives. Keeps the preset percentage of additive constant, even when the pumping parameters of the concrete change
  • Hydraulically returned wind cable device, with 100 m cable
  • Water tank (600 l)
  • Setting accelerator tanks (2x1000 l)
  • Electric vibrator fitted to the grid
  • n°2 Proportional radio-remote control
  • Air pressure regulator
  • Hydraulically controlled high pressure water pump (16 l/min - 120 bars), with washing nozzle and 10 m of pipe
  • Catalytic silencer
  • Nebulization fluid handpump for concrete anti-adhesion protection(10 l)
  • Automatic lubrication in 8 points for valve, pumping group mixer, turret and double trust block
  • Twin motors (electric/Diesel)
  • Cab with reversible driving position
  • N°6 x 45W-4800 lumen xenon working light on the turret

Technical Data