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Technical ability from the Eurostar Foamwork team

Eurostar has developed the best technology coupled with rugged practical engineering solutions to produce equipment that engineers respect and like. Eurostar foamworks and moulds are to be found on major projects in India, Nepal and Bhutan.Eurostar engineers and technicians deliver and commission the machinery to accomplish these prestigious projects. They are nenowed for their professionalism and expertise.

Eurostar have been making steel formworks for tunnels,bridges,dams and harbours. They have been a major player in the building and the construction of the roads though many mountainous areas.

Eurostar engineers are recognised for producing sound technical solutions with excellent on-site follow up and the name Eurostar is universally accepted by site personnel.


From Design to Job Site

  • Steel Forms for Tunnels

    Steel Forms for Tunnels

    Formwork for medium and large sized tunnel cross section with an articulated structure to support and resist the side loads imposed by the concrete.Modern tunnel designs feature vehicle lay-bys, escape passges and refuge rooms.

  • Steel Forms Telescopic

    Steel Forms Telescopic

    Telescopic and multi-section formwork for continuous "slipforming", or individual concrete pours. Self propelled travellers are available either as the traditional "Omega" type or alternatively the "America" type.

  • Steel Forms for Bridges

    Steel Forms for Bridges

    Bridges and Special Equipments

    Climbing formworks for slip-formed pier construction. Self-climbing forms for very slip-formed piers with constant or tapering section.

  • Steel Moulds for Segments

    Steel Moulds for Segments

    Eurostar segment moulds have a strong base structure(tunnel intrados) with high gloss finish surface for smooth finished segments. The side plates are fully machined on computer controlled milling machines.

  • Steel Forms For Dam

    Steel Forms For Dam

    Complete forms or individual panels with steel or plywood skin, supported by brackets, either fixed or hinged.Special elements are produced for the corner zones, and for producing the vertical and horizontal water stops.

  • Steel Forms for Sea Defence

    Steel Forms for Sea Defence

    Wave protection blocks, harbour wall blocks and formwork for moles and breakwaters. Eurostar have long experience in the supply of formwork for making Tetrapods,Acropods,Dolos, Antifiers, Cubic bloacks etc.

  • Steel Moulds for Segments
  • Steel Forms For Dam
  • Steel Forms for Sea Defence